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The ultimate dream of many women is to grow long hair as long hair is considered to make one more feminine and beautiful. Women try many things and follow many tips to increase the length of their hair as fast as possible. It is not only women who want to have long hair but even men want to grow their hair longer. There are also many myths people follow like cutting hair as per the phases of the moon etc. But, many forget the basic fact that you should take care of your body and hair in order to have long and beautiful hair.

There are some basic things which you need to follow to boost your hair growth and reduce hair fall which is a very important factor that stops hair from growing faster. Faster hair growth is possible if you take care of some important aspects like your lifestyle and hair care. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet and regular exercises which are very much essential factors to boost hair growth.

Factors that Boost Hair Growth

In order to grow long hair, you will have to adapt certain changes in your lifestyle. Firstly, you will have to take care of the requirements of the body properly and give its enough nutrients to build material necessary to grow hair faster. You will have to have a balanced diet with increased amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron. You have to include more foods which are rich in protein like eggs, fish, poultry, soy products etc. Vitamin C, D and E are important contributors to quick hair growth and they have to be included in your diet. Fats in moderation should be present in your foods and it is not advisable to cut off fats completely from your diet. Fats are also important sources of vitamin D and you have to include it in moderation. Apart from diet, you need to exercise regularly which improves the blood circulation in your body that in turn contributes to quicker hair growth.

You should also drink enough water to avoid dehydration and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals are essential to avoid drying and weakening of hair. You should take care of your body first so as to have long and strong hair. You need to eat lots of fruits and leafy vegetables to get the required amount of nutrients.

Hair Care

You have to treat your hair properly for it to grow faster, longer and stronger. Getting regular hair trims is the first step to get rid of dry and damaged hair at the ends and also remove the split ends which restricts hair growth. Usually, cutting off quarter to half an inch of hair from the bottom of the hair strands is known as trimming and you should understand how much and how many trimming sessions are needed for your hair to grow fast. Regular trimming doesn’t mean trimming your hair each and every time you visit your hair stylist, you should know the requirements of your hair and these requirements differ from one type of hair to the other.

The time gap between two trims may be anywhere between four weeks to six months and it is better if you consult a hair specialist before deciding on the frequency of the trimming sessions. It is important to follow some basic and general instructions like brushing your hair less frequently and gently so as to regulate the hair fall by damaging and breaking. The lesser you trouble your hair, the faster it grows.

You will have to be careful while choosing hair products like shampoos, conditioners and oil. It is better to find out whether the product suits your hair or not. Your hair may be dry, oily, normal or any other type and your hair products should be suitable for the specific type otherwise they may have adverse effects resulting in hair damage.

One thing you will have to remember while going for styling techniques is that the technique should not damage your hair. Mostly, hot iron treatments are considered bad for your hair as extreme heat may break your hair strands and reduce the pace at which your hair grows.

To grow long hair is a tough task, but long and beautiful hair is possible if you take proper care of your body and hair. A little amount of patience is also necessary as the effects of your improved diet, lifestyle and hair care will be seen only after a few months but the effect will be stunning for sure.

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